Working through a Nike eCommerce example.

Using data to inform decisions is essential to product management. Or anything really. And thankfully, we aren’t short of it. Any online application generates an abundance of data and it’s up to us to collect it and then make sense of it.

Google Data Studio helps us understand the meaning behind data, enabling us to build beautiful visualisations and dashboards that transform data into stories. If it wasn’t already, data literacy is as much a fundamental skill as learning to read or write. Or it certainly will be.

Nothing is more powerful than data democracy, where anyone in your organisation…

This month I celebrated 1 year working for a start-up. I joined after working for a big company in product management for 4 and a half years. I’d always been fascinated about the idea of working for a start-up and learning to not just scale a product, but help scale a company. I’ve observed some interesting differences between being one of 1000s of PMs at a big company, to being the only PM at a series A backed start-up.

My experience is unique to me since no big company or start-up is the same. …

Someone sat at a computer screen writing something.
Someone sat at a computer screen writing something.

The moment you leave a meeting room the divergence from the plan you have all just agreed will immediately begin. I’ve experienced it myself many times. And as a Product Manager, there is nothing more potentially dangerous than stakeholders having a different understanding of what is going to be built than you do.

This is why I believe that most product initiatives should start with a kick-off document. And I will explain why and how this can help you prevent problems before they arise.

There are a few reasons I find writing kick-off documents so valuable:

  1. Stakeholder alignment. Sharing an…

An aerial view of three sports fields.
An aerial view of three sports fields.

A friend of mine recently founded Secta Leagues. A company that organises sports leagues for working professionals, where companies play sports against one another in the same industry. The vision is to provide an app that allows interested companies to register a team for their chosen sport and then allow those users to manage their fixtures and check results.

The challenge was that my friend had no idea how to code. And neither do I. However, I had just finished reading Lean UX and learnt of the many ways where we can build solutions that don’t always involve engineering.


Luke Calton

I work in Product and learn by writing about things. You can find me on twitter here

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